About Aptly

Aptly is an online magazine that features five sections: Curated, Long Read, Interview, Poetry, and Reviews. It is a monthly offering that can be read in a single afternoon. Our sections provide a lens for anything and everything that can be broadly defined as art.

Aptly was initially conceived to give readers the satisfaction of finishing an entire issue in a relatively short amount of time without sacrificing quality. All of Aptly’s contributors are emerging artists currently working in their respective mediums.

Long-term, Aptly will expand in a variety of ways. Everything feels possible at this point, from moving to a small-press format that publishes cutting-edge work to creating innovative events and video productions that blur the edges of traditional genre conventions. Aptly’s creators are already collaborating on various projects and we’re always excited to hear from people interested in making their visions a reality. 

We welcome all responses, feedback, collaborations, and questions.